• The APP Bubble

    As a group, APP members seek to apply, critique and develop theories from a range of disciplines including anthropology, political science, social policy, policy analysis, international relations, ethics and philosophy. We undertake development, application and testing of theories through case studies and comparative analyses and through interdisciplinary research.

  • Ethiopia

    Children in the Southern Nations Nationalities and People’s Region of Ethiopia benefiting from the government’s Health Extension Program – photo by Neil Spicer

  • HSR2016 The Fourth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

    The APP team at The Health Systems Global Symposium which was held in Vancouver in November 2016, the focus was on resilient and responsive health systems for a changing world. To see our involvement please click on APP@HSR

  • APP worldwide

    The Anthropology, Politics and Policy (APP) group strives to conduct world-class research on the social, ethical and political issues that affect health policies and programmes. The group members work across the natural and social sciences conducting empirical, theoretical and normative analyses.


  • Sierra Leone

    Laboratory technicians checking STI results at one of the clinics of our project partners the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF): photo courtesy of IPPF

  • Uttar Pradesh 2011

    Accredited Social Health Activists using new patient health record books in Uttar Pradesh, India – photo by Neil Spicer

Global health inequalities as human rights violations

How are global health inequities related to Schrödinger’s cat?

In Schrödinger’s thought experiment, a cat, locked up in a black box, is simultaneously alive and dead, until the box is opened. Global health inequalities are simultaneously unjust and not unjust – inequities and inequalities-that-are-not…

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Current teaching contributions by APP members

Multi-disciplinarity is the hallmark of our research, teaching and engagement.  The Faculty encompasses the disciplines of epidemiology, public health medicine, economics, political science, international relations, anthropology, sociology, history, psychology, statistics and mathematics.  We have one of the world’s largest global groupings of social scientists working on health.  To…

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Analysing patient mobility, migration and health – workshop March 20th & 21st 2017

This workshop aims to bring together a group of early to mid career and established researchers from the UK and Southern Africa to explore cutting- edge research on patient mobility, migration and health. An explicit focus of the event will be on methods for analysis of the connection between mobility…

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Ebola in Anthropological Perspective

Delegates at a workshop organised by APP on ‘Ebola in Anthropological Perspective’ at Njala University last September…

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APP@HSR Health Systems Research Presentations

How to (or not) respond to health system shocks – lessons from Ebola, climate change, migration and the financial crisis.

Contributors: Dina Balabanova, Karl Blanchet, Johanna Hanefeld, Helena Leidgio-Quigley, Fred Martineau, Susannah Mayhew, Gillian McKay, Melissa Parker, Joshua Robinson, Emily Turner

Fostering health systems resilience means being able to respond…

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