APP@HSR Health Systems Research Presentations

How to (or not) respond to health system shocks – lessons from Ebola, climate change, migration and the financial crisis.

Contributors: Dina Balabanova, Karl Blanchet, Johanna Hanefeld, Helena Leidgio-Quigley, Fred Martineau, Susannah Mayhew, Gillian McKay, Melissa Parker, Joshua Robinson, Emily Turner

Fostering health systems resilience means being able to respond to shocks. This session, hosted by LSHTM, explored four recent health system shocks: the financial crisis, Ebola, migration and the impact from climate change.  Based on research and experience from these four heterogenous shocks, the contributors have developed a framework of five dimensions which may or may not promote resilient health systems: values; health information systems; human resources for health; funding; and governance planning.  This framework remains a work in progress, and the authors look forward to developing it further based on input from our colleagues at HSR2016 and beyond.

Please see the below PowerPoint presentations to see the work thus far, and do get in touch if you’d like to be involved!

Climate Change and health systems preparedness Forging an inter-disciplinary research agenda for 2017 & beyond

Investigating resilience: insights from the Ebola epidemic and beyond

How to (or not) respond to health systems shocks – lessons from Ebola, climate change, migration and the financial crisis

Shocks in Health Systems: case of humanitarian crises

The impact of the financial crisis and austerity measures on health and health systems in Europe




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