The IDEAS team is using measurement and evaluation to understand which health innovations deliver the greatest impact on maternal and newborn survival at scale, as well as why and how they work.

We work in Ethiopia, North-Eastern Nigeria and the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. We aim to improve the health and survival of mothers and babies through generating evidence to inform policy and practice.

The main aspects to IDEAS’ work are:


Key project areas

  • Maternal and newborn health

Study design

  • Qualitative case studies (interviews and documentary analysis)


  • Northeast Nigeria
  • Ethiopia
  • Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, India


  • 2016-2020

Principal Investigator(s)

  • Prof Joanna Schellenberg


  • Awarded

Funding source

  • BMGF

Staff involved:

  • Elizabeth Allen, Bilal Avan, Della Berhanu, Ana Carneiro, Meenakshi Gautham, Zelee Hill, Krystyna Mackowiecka, Lindsey Mangham-Jefferies, Tanya Marchant, Kate Sabot, Joanna Schellenberg, Keith Tomlin, Nasir Umar, Shirin Voller, Jo Borghi

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