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The Anthropology Politics and Policy Group brings together a team of social scientists from a range of disciplines, including political science, social policy, anthropology and international relations, that research critical questions in global health, contributing to the field of health policy and systems research. We work on a range of issues ranging from the role of private actors, to responding to humanitarian crises, to climate change and patient mobility and how these affect health systems. Throughout our work on this diverse set of issues we focus on questions of governance, place a specific emphasis on the policy process, and on questions of power to understand why policies succeed and why they fail.

Research conducted by APPG is distinguished by two aspects:

i) we conduct empirical work in high middle and low income countries

ii) we ensure this is strongly grounded in and speaks to social theories and theories of the policy process.

We build on a history of ground breaking work and expertise in health policy and systems research and in the critical application of social science perspectives to global health. First developed by colleagues such as Profs Gill Walt, Anne Mills and Lucy Gilson, it recognises the central importance of process, of actors and of the politics of global health to understand the ultimate outcome of policies, targeted at health systems’ interventions or improvement of individual health outcomes.

APP hosts the Centre for Humanitarian Crisis, the School’s ethics committee and the Ebola Anthropology Platform.

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